Glass Hedman

Jason Hedman
Fort Collins, Colorado

With a studio name like Hedman Headies, you know there’s going to be some crazy ass pieces coming out the kiln.

“Doing production would drive me nuts,” says Fort Collins, Colorado glass artist Jason Hedman. “I completely enjoy making the headie pieces — it gives you more opportunity and more artistic flow where you can have the material in front of you and let your mind speak to your hands and create something in any style from tubes to rigs. It’s just a matter of what kind of patterns you want to have flow together and have the outcome look good.”

Jason has been at the torch since 1996. He started out in Eugene, Oregon learning trial by fire when people were still awed by silver and gold fuming and most shapes were sherlocks, corncobs and sidecar bubblers. These days, Jason plays by the motto, “Your only limitation is your imagination,” and from his studio comes everything from the artistic pipes to toasting glasses made special for his niece’s wedding.

“It can be anything your heart desires as long as you have an imagination and the hands to produce it,” Jason says.

You might recognize Jason’s work, if you follow the CHAMPS Glass Games. He recently earned seventh place in the Masters competition, but more rewarding than a giant-size check was the respect he received winning the People’s Choice award.

“The big reward is the smiles on people’s faces — that’s what carries me along and pushes me to keep creating,” Jason says. “As long as you have an true inner fire, people really embrace and support you in any art, in any culture.”

Jason Hedman – Fort Collins, Colorado



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