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Remember, remember, the 3rd of November! It’s decision time, folks—and whether you’re aligning red or blue, this is going to be a hot one. For the undecideds out there, we get it. It’s tough to decide between a handsy, senile old man who mutters random nonsense and a (pause) handsy senile old man who mutters random nonsense. But that’s as far as we’ll go in addressing the choice, lest we stumble left or right of center and get torn to bits by partisan trolls. We’re just thankful that voting is still a thing we can do in this country and pray it remains as such in the future. 


Speaking of the future, have you signed up for the HQ Event and Trade Show yet?  If not, what are you waiting for? Having doubts? Just remember, it’s being put on by the amazing Smoke Shop Events and yours truly, the most trusted and longest-running publication in the space.  If you think we’d put our names on a dud, you need to get better at thinking. Anyway, happy November, happy Turkey day, and Happy Black Friday, fellow Heads on the Quest! We’ll see you in December.  





November 2020 News

Texas Ban on Smokable Hemp on Hold until 2021   A Texas judge blocked authorities from enforcing the state’s smokable hemp ban until a Feburary 2021 trial resolves the dispute between hemp

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1 year ago

Everywhere you turn these days it's cannabis, cannabis and cannabis. Some places more than others ---- according to a new report by Medical Marijuana Inc., these are the top 10 cities interested In ... See more

1 year ago

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than pumpkin Pie! But topping your slice with a dollop of CoolWhip just seems kind of boring these days --- like most things, you can make it better with cannabis. ... See more

1 year ago
Street Style: Greenlane Celebrates Keith Haring with Collection of Functional Art – HQ The Mag

Check out this awesome collectors set from Greenlane!


#Glassart #Smokeshop #Cannabis #counterculture #art #alternative

The artwork of Keith Haring’s iconic artwork seems to inspire collaborations time and time again. Street art is for the people after all. Haring’s iconic images have been licensed by brands like ... See more

1 year ago

The big day is almost here. Gobble down the turkey giblets, oyster dressing and pumpkin pie and then get down to business getting ready for Black Friday --- or Green Friday as we call it in the ... See more

1 year ago
Glass Baby Yoda Will MELT Your Heart – HQ The Mag

Glass artist Josh Williams knows the secret about Baby Yoda!


#starwars #babyyoda #Mandalorian #disney #Glassart #Smokeshop #Cannabis #counterculture

Spoiler Alert! The he we’re referring to is a character in the new Disney+ Star Wars series “The Mandalorian.” He is tiny, adorable and green with giant black eyes and huge pointy ears. He is ... See more

1 year ago

This has nothing to specifically do with smoke shops or cannabis, but is an interesting marketing lesson nonetheless. During World War II, the Allies tracked bullet holes on planes to reinforce them ... See more

1 year ago

• Apple Deletes Vape Apps
• Joe Biden: Marijuana May Be Gateway Drug
• CBD Searches on the Rise
• 414,000 New Positions Expected in Cannabis Companies
• CBD Users Could Test Positive for ... See more

1 year ago
Legal Differences Between The Tobacco And Cannabis Vape Industries

Tokeaway: How well do you know your industry? While there is a great deal of crossover and similarity between two types of vape products—tobacco and cannabis, it’s important to note for retailers ... See more

The term “vape” wasn’t used a decade ago, but now you can hardly go a day without hearing it; and yet there is often confusion surrounding the term as it doesn’t denote what is being vaped, ... See more

1 year ago
VIDEO | Elmo & Abby Want You To Stop Being A Grouch At Work | Fast Company

'Tis the season to be stressed ---- even more reason to have some patience, understanding and kindness to create a jolly happy atmosphere at your business.


#businesstips #kindness ... See more

Always remember to be kind...and to laugh!

1 year ago
Survey: 39% of consumers have ditched in-store purchases due to out-of-stocks

Tokeaway: How's your inventory level? The leading reason for leaving stores to purchase online was out-of-stock items; 43% of retail associates surveyed cited customer complaints about out-of-stocks ... See more

Over half of Gen X shoppers and 75% of millennials have abandoned items only to buy them online, according to a new report. 

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