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Welcome to August. The fact that we have survived over half of 2020 already is in itself, a miracle and arguably cause for celebration. Thus far, we’ve weathered a pandemic, averted navigated mass chaos, and if the memes on Facebook are true, just missed a plague of murder hornets. If by December, we haven’t been nearly grazed by a comet, we should all be at least a little surprised.  


But don’t let all of the signs of the apocalypse distract you from the good things happening this year. Like, for instance, the fact that HQ and SSE are teaming up to create the ultimate smoke shop trade show experience. No, we’re not suggesting that spending a few days checking out amazing products with amazing people can make up for the calamity we’ve seen this year, but you have to start somewhere, right? Start here with us—and read all about it



Attorney General Made Cannabis Industry a Personal Vendetta    Well, isn’t that special — a Department of Justice whistleblower has testified that Attorney General Bill Barr improperly

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8 months ago
Cannabis Legalization Bill Passes Historic First House Committee Vote

Tokeaway: One MORE step in the right direction --- for the first time ever, a congressional committee has approved a piece of legislation to end marijuana prohibition in the United States.

The ... See more

MORE Act clears Judiciary Committee, but will need to get through seven more groups before hitting House floor

8 months ago

Do You Support a Ban on Non-FDA Approved Vaping Products?

8 months ago
AMA calls for ban on all e-cigarette, vaping products

Tokeaway: The American Medical Association has called for an immediate ban on ann non-approved electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

The newly adopted AMA poly stance includes:

Urgently ... See more

The American Medical Association has called for a total ban on all e-cigarette and vaping products that have not been approved as cessation tools by the Food and Drug Administration.

8 months ago

Sun Kissed Industries has announce that its soon-to-be subsidiary, Hakuna Supply ( is releasing for sale its new “Fingerprint Lock Box” biometric sensing storage device for ... See more

8 months ago
Trump backs off flavored vape ban he once touted

Tokeaway: President Trump seems to be doing a 180 on plans to curb teen vaping by increasing age restrictions on vape products to 21+. The decision, according to White House and campaign officials, ... See more

Concerns about job losses and impact on reelection drove the decision, officials say.

8 months ago
HQ Magazine

Blazy Susan keeps your smoking accessories organized and easily accessible. They're all about making the world a better place and having fun doing it!

Blazy Susan puts a new spin on organizing and sharing your flower smoking and dab accessories! 💨💯💨

8 months ago

Mondays get a bad rap, but for small business owners and entrepreneurs they should be like lighter fluid, igniting that inner fire. Sometimes all it takes is the wise words of someone who’s gone ... See more

9 months ago

Watch what happens when actual first-time users experience the #NUXCBD disposable vape pen. "Smooth", "Easy" & "Wow" are some of the instant reactions to this pure 150mg CBD concentrate disposable ... See more

9 months ago

Are you short of cash? According to a report on small business management, the vast majority of business failures are the result of inability to understand and manage cash flow effectively. Check out ... See more

9 months ago
Jay and Silent Bob Mystery Pipes – HQ The Mag

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies [and gentlemen], Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizzouse!


@Famousbrandz #famousbrandz #smokeshop #cannabis

Thanks to Famous Brandz, you too will be able to echo Jay’s famous words whenever superfans of the cult comedy duo walk through your doors. What? You don’t know f—kin’ Jay and Silent Bob? The ... See more

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