Michael “Cookie” Hansen

Michael “Cookie” Hansen – San Diego, California@cookiemakesbongsWeb store: Cookie may not have the most recognizable name in the glass blowing industry, but it’s likely

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Lisa’s Pieces

Sculpting is Lisa’s passion and art is a deeply rooted part of her family heritage. Her father followed in his father’s footsteps to become a renowned

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Benjamin Cornwell

Spinning a glass marble around in your fingers is an exercise in discovery as the spherical shape of the object itself magnifies the wonders within.

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Glass Lewis Wilson

Lewis C. Wilson – Albuquerque, New Mexico #lewiscwilson Lewis Wilson is a man of many talents. He’s produced a series of glass arts instructional videos

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Glass Mama

Aly “Mama” Bryer Ouray, Colorado @mamasglass Glass artists often talk about collabs, but for Aly “Mama” Bryer, her collaboration with fellow glass blower Merc is

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Glass Hedman

Jason Hedman Fort Collins, Colorado With a studio name like Hedman Headies, you know there’s going to be some crazy ass pieces coming out

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