Dylan Kelley

With 20 years behind him as glass blower, Dylan Kelley had tried a bunch of different techniques from inside-out and wig wag to reticello. One

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Glass Fresina

Marc Fresina Marysville, Washington @weaponsofglassdestruction As a kid, growing up in the Nineties, Marc Fresina loved watching Nickelodeon cartoons like Rugrats and Rocko’s Modern

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Joe Morrison Glass

Joe Morrison @Joemorrisonglass Eau Claire, Wisconsin “I’ve always been creative, and originally, glass blowing was just something I could do that was pretty awesome,” says

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Chase Hardman

@Hardman_Art_Glass Chase Hardman was advised that the key to creating the most superific piece is to draw inspiration from childhood memories. One of his fondest

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Tito Bern

Tito Bern Burlington, Vermont Tito Bern is surrounded by glass. Not only has Bern been a professional glass blower since 1999, he’s also the

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