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Jimmy Kimmel just told the world about 710. Well, “just” is a relative word here, since although these thoughts are hitting the page in July, as they seep into your brain, via the portal of your glassy eyeballs, it’s already September. Be that as it may, he did it—and it was on live television. He even highlighted the basis for the celebration, explaining how if you turn the number upside down, it spells “oil.”

“Somebody got high and turned their calculator upside down and now it’s a holiday,” he quipped. Shit. They’ve cracked our code. Quick! To the Emerald Triangle where it’s still safe! They’ll never find us!

Easy, Windtalker. If you were really guarding a hallowed secret, you probably shouldn’t have used the same protocol that had you snickering at “58008” in the eighth grade. It’s safe now anyway, or at least close to it. Legalization is no longer a question of if, but rather, when.

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As the industry’s leading publication for over two decades, we want to remind you all that we are more than just another magazine; WE are the nexus of commerce for the counter-culture marketplace; headshops, smoke shops, vape shops, adult novelties, and dispensaries. Both publisher and platform, HQ exists to facilitate the continued evolution of a once-marginalized industry now on the cusp of legitimization.

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Headquest (HQ) is a monthly business-to-business magazine that has been serving a broad range of counterculture retailers since 1998.

HQ goes to smoke/gift shops, hydroponic stores, cannabis dispensaries, adult stores, convenience stores, and similar retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Look for HQ Europe/U.K. coming soon!

HQ has a monthly circulation of approximately 16,000. As HQ is distributed to retail outlets only, it has become a trusted buying tool and information source for these retailers. HQ is also distributed at all major tradeshows. Retailers find HQ’s unique insights into our industry via full-length articles and product spotlights, always refreshing and informative. In addition, HQ provides readers with first-hand, successful business practices by featuring a thriving retail store every month. All of this makes HQ the premier trade magazine and your best venue for successful advertising.



Cannabis Sales Headed for Record High   U.S. cannabis sales is estimated to rack up $57 billion by 2030. But hold on: That figure could top

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April 2022 News

  NCAA Raises THC Limits for Athletes Don’t be surprised if you see the star player from your local college team in your smoke shop.

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March 2022 News

Amazon is Promoting Pot  Amazon is channeling its influence in Washington to drum up bipartisan support for an unlikely cause: legalizing marijuana. The company has

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