Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Praised for Regulating Shelf Stability Testing for Cannabis Oil Concentrates 

A coalition of cannabis vaporizer brands, that includes The Blinc Group, Inc., PAX Labs™ and the Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association, applauds the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division for the adoption of new industry-leading testing standards for cannabis concentrates. Effective October 10, these updated regulations address evolving testing needs for improved consumer safety. 


New emissions testing rules modify procedures so that mandated analyses are conducted on the vape cartridge aerosol that is produced through combustion of the product, rather than the raw oil contained in the cartridge — which is what the consumer is ultimately inhaling. Shelf stability rules require manufacturers to label vaporizer cartridges with an expiration date based on scientific understanding of consumer safety and quality. The MED’s update of these rules is one more way that the regulated market ensures the safety of its products. 


“These new regulations are a great and necessary step towards better protecting the health of consumers who choose to vape. These changes will better align the cannabis industry with best practices from other industries and provide consumers with a safer product that is more accurately tested,” said Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, CEO and Co-founder of the Blinc Group. 


“We’re pleased to see Colorado continue to adopt industry-leading cannabis policy, grounded in research and science. This change marks a common sense evolution of testing protocols that not only supports increased consumer safety, but further separates the regulated market from the illicit one,” said Echo Rufer, PhD, DABT, Head of Biocompatibility and Toxicology at PAX Labs. “As cannabis products continue to evolve, our testing methods must as well, and we see both aerosol testing and shelf stability testing as two critical pieces of that.” 


“We applaud the collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders and our regulatory bodies. Emissions testing of vaporizer cartridges maintains Colorado as a leader in cannabis testing. Such forward-thinking policy continues to protect the safety of patients and consumers,” said Kevin Gallagher, Executive Director and Founder of the Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association. “Our membership is eager to implement the new testing standards, and further drive quality throughout the supply chain.” 


The updated Colorado Marijuana Rules, 1 CCR 212-3, for emissions testing and expiration dates will go into effect on January 1, 2021 but provide the industry with sufficient time to come into compliance. On behalf of our coalition partners, we thank the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, the Science & Policy Working Group, the Testing Subcommittee, and all other stakeholders that engaged in this process for their tireless work to help create and refine these new safety regulations. 



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