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January 2022 Welcome

The first issue of 2022 is here! The fact that we made it through the past 12 months is nothing short of miraculous, and we all know why, so there’s no need to revisit the chaos that was 2021. It’s time to move forward and embrace new adventures and opportunities. As we’ve discovered, germs, the government, and even the wrath of mother nature are no match for creativity, stamina and the entrepreneurial spirit. A big shout out to retailers, manufacturers, and distributors for finding ways to connect and deliver products that fit the needs of today’s cannabis enthusiasts and progressive wellness consumers. Pause for applause. We encourage everyone to join us in helping to bring more positivity, more stability, and more community to our industry. Stay tuned for another exciting giveaway coming up soon where you can win prizes galore from your favorite vendors. And don’t forget about the HQ Event trade show happening later this Spring. As always, it’s our continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations — wait, that’s Star Trek — but our course heading is kinda the same: to boldly go where few B2B magazines have gone before, to bring you more products, more features, more news, more inspiration (more run-on sentences) not only in the print editions, but online and on the social media platforms where you get your news and information. Think of us as HQ-PLUS, the Metaverse of the smoke shop industry, but without the need for crazy goggles. v



August News

Majority of Doctors Believe in Medical Cannabis A team of investigators affiliated with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Public

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July News

So Much for Lockdowns Making Us More Health-Conscious    Market researcher Mintel found in a survey of 2,000 adults revealed that more than half of

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2 years ago

Who's going to CHAMPS Trade Shows?! Best place on the planet to source products and make connections that will take your business to the next level. We'll see you there front and ... See more

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2 years ago
Cannabis consumers will pay more for clean, green and pure products – HQ The Mag

When purchasing products, it was no surprise that the potency, health and other effects of cannabis is the #1 factor in their decision (with 96% saying it’s extremely to slightly important). ... See more

Cannabis consumers are deeply concerned with the use of chemical pesticides and fertilization and the environmental impact resulting from the cultivation process, and are calling for new product ... See more

2 years ago

what influences your buying decision the most?

2 years ago
Report Shows Its Buyer Beware in the CBD Market | Grizzle

Tokeaway: Remedy Review, a natural health product testing service, conducted tests on 15 separate CBD products including oils, gummies, and capsules. 8 out of the 15 tested products were seriously ... See more

Recent tests of CBD products purchased online showed 1 in 2 were misslabeled. Its buyer beware for CBD consumers.

2 years ago

We love giveaways and know you do too! All you need to do for a chance to win this air-freshener from our good friends at Serious Monkey Business, maker of the "Worlds Number 1 selling urine ... See more

2 years ago
Instagram ads for vaping gloves spark backlash as health risks mount

What will have to complain about next?

At least 47 deaths in 25 states and the District of Columbia have been linked to lung injuries from vaping.

2 years ago

Another amazing piece by one of our Glass Artists of the Month.

If you missed the story in the magazine --- here it is:

Noah Nuñez
Eternal Flameworks

Noah ... See more

Who.loves super mario?

2 years ago
Trump Is Giving In To The Vaping Industry On A Flavor Ban, Lawmakers Say

Tokeaway: Everyone always blames the government for too much industry regulation --- now the President is being blasted from within the capital for backing off banning flavored vapes while searching ... See more

A bipartisan letter to the White House is slamming President Trump for backing off a proposed ban on flavored e-cigarettes thought to be driving the teen vaping epidemic.

2 years ago
Does Marijuana Chewing Gum Work?

Tokeaway: If you search for marijuana chewing gum, it will reveal thousands of searches with brands like Endoca showing on the search results. According to Endoca, marijuana chewing gum is best for ... See more

As more and more cannabis chewing gum hit the market, the question lies whether it is effective or if it is just a gimmick.

2 years ago

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