Diamond Sauce Hemp Concentrate by Dabbing Diamonds



No doubt, you already know all about diamonds and sauce. All the cool cats know about it—and you’re a cool cat, right? Thought so. For the uninitiated among us, though, here’s the quick and dirty. The sauce is the latest craze in concentrates and extracts. Basically, it’s highly potent cannabinoid crystals suspended in a viscous, terpene-rich “sauce,” all obtained through a lengthy, multi-tiered process that requires a lot


 of expertise and even more time. In the medical market, the “diamonds” in the sauce are typically pure THC crystals.  

Not the case, however, with the new Diamond Sauce Hemp Concentrate from Dabbing Diamonds, a THC-free High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract that combines the terpene-rich sauce with CBD isolate crystals.  

To create their version of this explosively popular bling-soaked honey, Dabbing Diamonds have adapted and reimagined the original process to create a product that is



 uniquely their own, as well as offer the end user an experience like no other; isolate-

level dosing enhanced with a 

full-spectrum entourage effect. The end result is an effect that’s more pronounced than the average hemp extract, a noticeable sensation that permeates the body and lightens the step.  


Currently available in a Gorilla Glue terpene profile, with more variations to come.




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