It comes as no surprise that Grenco Science’s offerings have been some of the most commonly knocked off designs in an industry overrun with knockoffs. As a long-established pioneer in combustion-free inhalation innovation, they’ve been the de facto name to exploit for that ill-gotten dollar for the better half of a decade. Thankfully, they’re fighting back, both in the courts and in the marketplace.

As far as the courts, it’s a done deal. Make no mistake; they won. To the tune of a cool 47 mil, to be exact. And while the legal team was in the courtroom tipping the scales of Lady Justice, the R&D team was in the lab, tweaking the specs on the G Pen Pro, a brand new, ground-up design for dry herbs they believe will send tremors through the market. In their words, it’s “the perfect intersection of intuitive design and industry-leading performance.”

So, is it finally time to throw out the Volcano? Well, no, not exactly. But it might be time to reconsider letting your customers throw away half their rent money on a portable vape.

Retailing for a mere Benjamin, the G Pen Pro is poised to turn the price index of the entire category on its ear with a performance level purported to rival even the costliest of units. The features include a light, durable aluminum body, a sturdy mouthpiece with removable silicone cover, three optimally pre-set temperatures, a ceramic chamber with a quarter-gram fill capacity and a heat time of only 30 seconds. The crown jewel of this unit, however, is the output, namely, the cloud-producing capacity, the true crux of consumer appeal. The comfort, convenience and durability are obviously important, but the bells and whistles exist primarily to achieve one end: those big, fluffy, plumes of terpene tastiness that let the user know it’s working. And if the reviews are any indication, it’s hella working. Rest warily, imitators; the innovators have redefined the standard yet again.


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