Ladies, Ladies, Ladies [and gentlemen], Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizzouse!

Thanks to Famous Brandz, you too will be able to echo Jay’s famous words whenever superfans of the cult comedy duo walk through your doors. What? You don’t know f—kin’ Jay and Silent Bob? The f—kin’ mack daddies of f—kin’ Jersey? Snoogans. That’s impossible.



Just in time for Lunch Box and his mouthy cohort’s Reboot Roadshow, the accessories company famous for marketing famous people has released the Jay and Silent Bob Mystery Pipes, a series of classic three-inch spoons all inspired by our favorite miscreants of 90s cinema and their return to the big screen.



They’re called “Mystery Pipes” because each unit is pre-packaged in boxes covered in cartoon renderings of the duo in action with no indication of which pipe is inside. It’s the grown-up equivalent of a gumball machine. Throw down the scratch, grab a box and see what you get. The intrigue is half the fun, but don’t worry; every pipe is more than worth the cheddar, so everyone that pays to play is a winner.
Sold in trays of 10 with a random assortment of pipes, boxes and designs. Famous Brandz must be the craftiest motherf—kers alive. @FamousBrandz 1.888.908.FAME (3263)


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