Magic Water 

Bottled water is convenient to carry and drink on the go, and when the plastic bottle is empty it typically gets tossed into the recycling bin. But what if that bottle could be turned into something useful —- say a water pipe?! That’s the idea behind Magic Water, a plastic bottle in the shape of a bong, pre-filled with 33.8 ounces of mineral-rich purified water. After drinking down the water, simply heat the included glass downstem and poke it through the perforated hole on the side of the bottle, pack your favorite herb into the bowl, hit with flame, and take a draw through the opening on the top — it’s simple, but if you still need instructions, they’re printed on the side of the box. Designed and made in USA, Magic Water is extremely portable and virtually unbreakable, making it a perfect smoking companion for hiking, camping and other outdoor adventures. An added benefit for retailers is that the super distinctive package looks great on the shelf, and as Magic Water is an all-inclusive product, it makes a great gift! 




Viva Mats

 Viva Mats is a family business out of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky creating high quality dab mats to protect your favorite glass pieces and

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Hawaii Pipe Farm

     Inspired by coconut and bamboo chalices out of which Rastafarians in the Virgin Islands smoke their herb, the founders of Hawaii Pipe Farm

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Weedgets Maze-X Pipe

Weedgets was founded by Michael Barenboym, a world-renowned medical-device engineer and designer, who has developed lifesaving technologies including artificial heart systems, spine reconstructive surgical equipment,

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TIMBR Organics

  TIMBR Organics offers products made from premium hemp leaves instead of tobacco. The quality of their hemp means that you get an enhanced, rich,

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