Matriarch Trays

A toke is no longer something you sneak in your attic to avoid the disdain of your neighbors. It’s something to celebrate; a living room sacrament to share with those you hold dear. And what’s a sacrament without the elaborate accoutrements to elevate the ceremony?

For the church, we have the chalice, the altar, the cracker tray, etc.

For herbal inhalation, we have Matriarch’s new offerings, an assortment of trays made from North Carolina-sourced black walnut and finished with a clear lacquer; classy enough to transform any common sesh into a ritual the pope would envy.

For the Church of Dabs, there’s the Rig Station, an artisanal delight equipped with four tool slots, three bowl/banger slots, three container slots, a landing pad, and a rig base tiered for multiple sizes.

For the holy rollers, they offer the James Blunt rolling tray, a chronnoisseur-crafted workstation that features a smooth, curvy rolling space with a dropped corner for easy cleanup, along with eight cigar/tip holders, a grinder base, and a phone/tablet slot to capture the perfect session selfie.

If those aren’t enough to inspire devotion, there are two more designs for the joint aficionados, as well as a stash box to preserve the sanctity of your smoke. 



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