Moose Labs MouthPeace

Moose Labs MouthPeace

Bad news, germaphobes. Your pipe is gross. Like, eating chili off the floor gross. If you’re sharing with your friends, double that. If you’re sharing at a festival, forget about it. You’re better off making out with a blister covered homeless guy on the corner of Sunset and Hollywood.

This isn’t speculation. It’s science, and it’s been brought to you by the folks at Moose Labs. They recently conducted a study in which they swabbed the mouthpieces of a collection of used pipes and measured the bacteria levels of each.  The results: You might be smoking out of a portable cesspool.

According to the study, the bacteria count on the average pipe is 49% higher than the average toilet seat, 90% higher than the average dumpster, and 1,304% higher than the average dog food bowl. Gag.

Fortunately, they didn’t publish the study just to be a buzzkill. They have a solution. It’s called the MouthPeace, and as the name implies, it’s a removable mouthpiece made from platinum-cured silicone that when used properly, all but eliminates the spread of germs. Available in multiple sizes to fit nearly any device and multiple colors to suit any taste, the mouthpiece is just what the doctor ordered—and we practically mean that literally. Practice safe sessions!

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