Terp Balls and Directional Carb Cap from White Rhino 


Dab science 101: A lower temperature means more terpenes. More terpenes mean better flavor, yes, but more importantly, more benefits, as we are now discovering that the terps play a role in the medicinal effects that’s almost as important as the cannabinoids.  


But low-temp dabs can also be more cumbersome. Pools of oil tend to form within the banger and stagnate, requiring higher temperatures, which is the opposite of what we want.  


Luckily for us, the folks at White Rhino have introduced their new Terp Balls; 6mm quartz spheres for use in a standard banger to evenly vaporize the oil that would otherwise collect into pools.  


But for max effect from the Terp Ballsyou need them to spin, which means you need the proper carb cap. White Rhino has you covered there too with their brand-new Directional Carb Cap, made specifically to direct the airflow and spin the Terp Balls in the banger. The two products, when used together, bring the low-temp dabbing experience to near perfection; none of the waste, all of the taste. 


Terp Balls are available in five colors and come in jars of 100, while the Directional Carb Caps are sold in jars of 20. 



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