White Rhino Glass Chillum and Straw Displays

Everyone knows that products sell better when they’re displayed attractively. That’s why good layout is so important in advertising. It’s also why no one goes out on the town in a burlap bag. For our specific purposes, it’s why you’ll go to painstaking measures to ensure that the goods you’re slinging sing with consumer appeal. It’s a tedious job, but someone’s gotta do it.

For their part, Unik Distribution would like to unburden you of the tedium. With their new White Rhino glass chillum and straw displays, product placement for their hot little sellers is as simple as unboxing and dropping on the countertop (ideally, right next to the cash register.)

Each display comes with 100 units, all in perfect formation and standing attention like good little soldiers for easy access, easier inventory and professional appeal. Each glass chillum stands 4.5” tall, features the mandatory pinch for smoking functionality, and comes with a patent-pending silicon cap for easy load and go. Meanwhile, the straws stand 5” tall and come with a pointed rubber cap of their own so you can slide one in your pocket after use without setting your pants on fire. All are branded with the White Rhino logo your customers know and trust. 855-803-8883 @unikdistribution @whiterhinoproducts


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