The coronavirus pandemic is bad news. It has shut down a significant portion of the world’s economy and killed far too many people. However, there is a silver lining — shutdowns and social distancing are opportunities for vendors to get online.


You probably don’t have a lot of e-commerce experience, and in times like these, you’re likely trepidatious about spending money on new software, trying to figure out how it all works, finding a way to promote your online option to customers, and executing an unknown number of other tasks. HQ is ready to help! You already know that for the past 20 years, we’ve been the buyer’s source for the essential products needed to stock smoke shop shelves — HQ reaches more than 30,000 retailers every month, and now we’re upping our game — and yours, offering a brand new e-commerce solution that gives you the ability to reach those same buyers on a 24/7 basis. 


Here’s how it works. Using our new e-commerce platform, one of the few that allow the sale of Hemp, CBD and other smoke shop related goods, HQ has created a “community” page where we’re able to sell products from all participating vendors under one virtual roof, so to speak.  Our art department and IT experts will take the hassle out of launching and operating your online store — and all you have to do is be ready to ship the orders. 


You will submit product and company info and we will advertise on your behalf. Once an order is placed, HQ will confirm store/contact info and payment. Then we will send  you the invoice to fill the order. At the end of every month, HQ will send a check or ACH for all invoices to the vendor (less CC fees). There will be NO other associated processing fees.


HQ is offering this service to counter the effects that this pandemic has had on the industry… and once the crisis is over — and it will be — you’ll be ready with a trusted and user-friendly online store that will add another sales and distribution channel to your marketing efforts. 


HQ Magazine is THE trusted source of information to those in the cannabis and counter-culture industries. This new online store is one more way we’re continuing to support our community and further our mission to help retailers and vendors be effective, successful businesses. 


Submission Requirements:

First, you must complete, sign and submit the HQ Drop Ship Agreement. Please email: with your inquiry and HQ will send additional submission requirements and details.

Lastly, please submit the following at your earliest convenience:

1. Company Logo and short bio.

2. You may submit up to 12 products. Each product must include the following: 

a. Product Name

b. Product Description

c. Variants (size, strengths, flavor, etc.) up to 5 variances per product.

d. Price/product/variance (for example, some CBD products have varying strengths with varied pricing structures.

e. Inventory Sku (if applicable)

f. Weight per product (this allows for shipping to be automatically calculated)

g. Quantity available for sale.

The above information may be submitted via email, OneDrive, or GoogleDrive. All images must be 2048 by 2048 pixels. When submitting product information, please put ALL info required for each product in a separate labeled folder. For example, Vape Juice A Folder should include images, product name and description, applicable variants, prices, weight, and quantity. 

We are available to walk you through the process as needed. All shared folders and info should be sent to

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