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It’s November! That means it’s time for more wardrobe options, debates among the coffee community over the respectability of a pumpkin spiced latte, and Gillette’s annual stock dip. It also we’ll soon spend a day in gratitude for the blessings in our lives—right before half the population readies itself ready to cripple and maim over a discount on a bigger TV. Life is rich in irony.

That’s not cynicism; only acknowledgement of the glaringly obvious. But pointing out the defilement of a sacred holiday by the commercial event that follows doesn’t mean we can’t still take part in the traditions therein. We have plenty for which to be thankful—and we shouldn’t take that for granted. Individually, we have our family, our friends and our businesses, to say the very least.

Collectively, there’s never been more to celebrate. If you’ve lost sight of this amidst the existential dread inspired by your daily news feed, here are a few thoughts to jog your memory. Read More


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As the industry’s leading publication for over two decades, we want to remind you all that we are more than just another magazine; WE are the nexus of commerce for the counter-culture marketplace; headshops, smoke shops, vape shops, adult novelties, and dispensaries. Both publisher and platform, HQ exists to facilitate the continued evolution of a once-marginalized industry now on the cusp of legitimization.

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Headquest (HQ) is a monthly business-to-business magazine that has been serving a broad range of counterculture retailers since 1998.

HQ goes to smoke/gift shops, hydroponic stores, cannabis dispensaries, adult stores, convenience stores, and similar retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Look for HQ Europe/U.K. coming soon!

HQ has a monthly circulation of approximately 16,000. As HQ is distributed to retail outlets only, it has become a trusted buying tool and information source for these retailers. HQ is also distributed at all major tradeshows. Retailers find HQ’s unique insights into our industry via full-length articles and product spotlights, always refreshing and informative. In addition, HQ provides readers with first-hand, successful business practices by featuring a thriving retail store every month. All of this makes HQ the premier trade magazine and your best venue for successful advertising.


News November

Austin L. Ray Black Market Tops Cali Cannabis Sales According to an unofficial audit on illicit and legal operating cannabis stores tin California, there were

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Watch what happens when actual first-time users experience the #NUXCBD disposable vape pen. "Smooth", "Easy" & "Wow" are some of the instant reactions to this pure 150mg CBD concentrate disposable ... See more

1 day ago

Are you short of cash? According to a report on small business management, the vast majority of business failures are the result of inability to understand and manage cash flow effectively. Check out ... See more

2 days ago
Jay and Silent Bob Mystery Pipes – HQ The Mag

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies [and gentlemen], Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizzouse!


@Famousbrandz #famousbrandz #smokeshop #cannabis

Thanks to Famous Brandz, you too will be able to echo Jay’s famous words whenever superfans of the cult comedy duo walk through your doors. What? You don’t know f—kin’ Jay and Silent Bob? The ... See more

2 days ago
HQ Digital

An estimated 94% of B2B buyers say that they search online before making a purchase. The key is visibility --- and HQ Magazine can help!

If you're watching this post, its likely your customers are ... See more

3 days ago
The Age Checker App From WeCard.Org – HQ The Mag

Age restrictions on smoke shop products are becoming more and more important. Make verification easy on your staff with the Age Checker App.


#retail #Retailpolicy #Smokeshop #CBD #vaping

There is little in this world more crucial to the life of a smoke shop than proper age verification. One wrong step here can cost your business everything. Mix up your years or overlook a lapsed ... See more

3 days ago
It’s All About the Relationships – HQ The Mag

Trade shows can be big and impersonal --- unless you're talking about @SmokeShopEvents, the trade show that is NOT a trade show.

SSE is a unique opportunity for buyers. Five-star meals, travel, and ... See more

What Gus Shamoon means by “them,” is probably obvious, but in case there’s any doubt, he’s talking about the other industry trade shows, the ones in large, open spaces where after the first ... See more

3 days ago

what's your personal opinion?

3 days ago
Creating a legal exception for CBD supplements, short of full safety data, could set a bad precedent, says FDA at CRN Conference

Tokeaway: Lowell Schiller, the FDA’s principal associate commissioner for policy who is leading a panel investigating CBD as an ingredient in food, beverages and dietary supplements, told a group ... See more

Lowell Schiller, FDA principal associate commissioner for policy, delivered this message at the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2019 conference in Carlsbad, CA. 1

4 days ago
North Carolina Town Swears Its New Water Tower Is Not a Giant Bong

Honestly, it looks more like a hookah 🙂

The resemblance is uncanny, though.

4 days ago
Many Happy Returns – HQ The Mag

Your retail return policy can have a significant effect on your customer satisfaction and your store's profitability. A policy that's too strict can make customers reluctant to shop with you; a ... See more

No matter how great your merchandise, there are always going to be customers who aren’t satisfied with their purchase. It might be that the item wasn’t functioning properly or just didn’t meet ... See more

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