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HQ Magazine Covid-19 Updates

As we’ve all experienced recently, change is inevitable not only in life but also in business. Webster defines change as “any alteration in the status quo.” With Covid-19 threatening lives across the country (and the globe) retailers and vendors alike may experience changes to normal operating procedures — it might be fewer customers, delays in product availability, or even being forced to lock the doors temporarily for the good of our neighbors and communities. But if there’s anything that those in the cannabis and smoke shop industries have proven over the years, it’s that they are survivors, willing not only to stand their ground, but also to adapt to changes in the economic and political environments.

HQ Magazine is proud to be a trusted source of information to those in the cannabis and counter-culture industries, and for more than two decades we have held strong to our mission to help retailers and vendors be effective, successful businesses. Primarily, we’ve done that through our monthly print magazine. Don’t worry — the magazine will keep coming as always. But in the light of changes taking place in the face of the pandemic, we’re going to ramp up our communications efforts to include more digital content. Wether you’re in lockdown mode or just experiencing a slowdown in business, now’s not the time to sit back and wait for things to get better —- now is the time to dive into learning new skills and approaches that will help you to run a viable business, not only in the immediate future, but for whatever changes may effect the future.

One of the new elements we are adding to our social media is livestream interviews with vendors, retailers and advocates within our industry. We’ll let you know the days and times when you can tune in — you’ll even be able to ask your own questions during the broadcasts! Please let us know if there are any special guests you’d like us to put on the list.

Our daily social media feeds, Facebook and Instagram in particular, will continue to highlight new products, industry news, marketing tips, etc.

We’re all in this together. Always have been, always will be. That’s how we will continue to survive and have a healthy, vibrant, successful industry.


Sandy Caputo
HQ Magazine
Director of Sales & Marketing


Welcome to March, fellow Heads on the Quest. Glad to see everyone survived the bleakness of the winter months, now gloriously giving way to the warmth of spring. Likely, you’re still recovering from CHAMPS, which literally just ended a few days prior to this issue hitting your mailbox. We hope your recuperation is coming along swimmingly and would like to take this time to encourage you to get your rest, stay hydrated, and next round, maybe consider orthopedic shoes. Let it never be said of us that we don’t care about our readers.

That being said, keep the R&R to a minimum. April’s around the corner, which brings with it the annual hell week where the dreaded tax deadline and your customers’ favorite made-up holiday for some reason fall within five days of each other. Why the gods have seen fit to put these two events in such close proximity is a mystery requiring minds greater than ours to solve, but one thing is certain—and that is that you’ll need to be on top of your game. No doubt, you’ve amply prepared for both, but surprises always happen, so stay limber.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what we’ve prepared for you within the pages of this, our latest issue. We’ll catch you in April.

Our Mission

As the industry’s leading publication for over two decades, we want to remind you all that we are more than just another magazine; WE are the nexus of commerce for the counter-culture marketplace; headshops, smoke shops, vape shops, adult novelties, and dispensaries. Both publisher and platform, HQ exists to facilitate the continued evolution of a once-marginalized industry now on the cusp of legitimization.

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Headquest (HQ) is a monthly business-to-business magazine that has been serving a broad range of counterculture retailers since 1998.

HQ goes to smoke/gift shops, hydroponic stores, cannabis dispensaries, adult stores, convenience stores, and similar retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Look for HQ Europe/U.K. coming soon!

HQ has a monthly circulation of approximately 16,000. As HQ is distributed to retail outlets only, it has become a trusted buying tool and information source for these retailers. HQ is also distributed at all major tradeshows. Retailers find HQ’s unique insights into our industry via full-length articles and product spotlights, always refreshing and informative. In addition, HQ provides readers with first-hand, successful business practices by featuring a thriving retail store every month. All of this makes HQ the premier trade magazine and your best venue for successful advertising.


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